Shoutcast v Icecast


Shoutcast v Icecast ?

This is a question that is asked on a regular basis and is in part a matter of choice, But we now strongly suggest that our customers should use Icecast.

The reason being is recently SHOUTcast has stopped offering of there latest version DNAS as free software.

The software is now released as a paid version that will cost users for features already offered by Icecast and Centova Cast for free.

There is currently a free version of Shoutcast but users are limited to only broadcast one 128kbps stream

There is also other limitations in Shoutcast v2.6, that stop us from recommending the Latest release.

However our servers and now running Shoutcast v2.5 so all the previous FREE options will be available to our customers.


SO The answer to SHOUTCAST or ICECAST..........

                                                                                                       We'd Recommend   ICECAST


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